C&E Systems




Jef Green


Jef graduated from the University of Oregon Political Science Department and was destined to become a political hack. He started his career in politics in 1998 and has served as a fundraiser for local, state, and national campaigns. After pulling out all his hair to raise money for candidates, he took a break from the world of politics to coordinate fundraising for the Oregon Business Association.

When his hair didn’t grow back, he returned to politics and formed his own fundraising firm, Polity Group in 2010. As a client of C&E Systems, the software he used really made his job easier and so, a believer, he purchased C&E Systems in 2014.

For most of his 40 plus years in Portland he lived in Southeast. Now a resident of North Portland he’s found that the city actually does extend north of I-84. Despite his age, he still plays basketball three times a week and pretends like it doesn’t hurt.

Jef’s work day is supervised by his blue heeler Haley.




Burt Lloyd-Jones

Compliance OfficeR

Burt is an irascible curmudgeon of dubious breeding and virtually no education.  He has gravitated to campaign finance disclosure to keep the wolf from the door. Born under the Truman Administration, he is close to death or at least, dementia. For no obvious reason, he has always had a fondness for water (except for purposes of bathing) and has been seen around boats.  

Burt is a graduate of the Portland Community College Marine Technology program. (And, no, he cannot teach you to sail; that’s something you have to be born for.) If it weren’t for spell-check, he’d be illiterate.

A non-rabid train-buff, if you can’t reach him, he’s probably off on Amtrak somewhere and out of cell-range. Anyway, he prefers e-mail.




Tammy Daileda Lewis

Compliance Officer

Tammy was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and settled in Portland in 2000. She earned a BS degree in Fine Arts from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, before diving into the business world and pursuing advanced accounting studies at Portland State University.

Tammy’s varied background includes serving pie and sandwiches to bad tippers in a chain restaurant; modeling as a mannequin; slinging cocktails in a Vegas sports bar; retail window decorating; selling haunted house tickets; and managing human resources, accounting and payroll for prominent CPA and engineering firms. She has an extensive background in accounting and tax preparation.

Tammy loves living in Portland with her husband and son. She enjoys traveling with her family, bowling, listening to jazz music, cats, baking, and gardening.




Collin Erickson

Finance Director

Collin is a natural fundraiser and strategist.  He brings his experience of working in the legislature and understanding Oregon politics into his work helping our clients reach their fundraising goals.

He excels at identifying prospective donors and managing efficient call time operations.

Collin is a native Oregonian and graduate of the University of Oregon Political Science Program, for what that’s worth.  He hates giving his extracurricular activities so is going to boycott “that jazz” in his bio.