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C&E Systems takes the guesswork out of compliance and bookkeeping for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations.

Stop worrying about tracking donations and expenses, filing deadlines, tedious recording, and penalties. Our aim is to free you up to fight for your progressive, Oregon values.

Since 1998, C&E Systems has been the leading provider of campaign compliance services in Oregon. Our experienced team, competitive pricing, and proprietary technology make us the most widely used political compliance firm throughout Oregon.

Our ElectTrac software simplifies campaign finance and fundraising. It includes customized reporting, providing greater transparency and accountability.




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PO Box 42307
Portland, Oregon 97242


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C&E Systems provides complete campaign treasury services, including state and federal campaign compliance. The organizations we serve include candidates, political action committees, state measure and chief petitioner committees.

C&E Systems has compliance expertise with Oregon Campaign Finance Law and reporting (ORESTAR), and Federal Election Law and FEC reporting.

While we’re keeping your books, the campaign can focus on winning. When donations come in, we’ll make sure they are reported. When your campaign spends money, we’ll write the checks. It’s the highest level of accountability.


FunDrasing TOOLS

Your account with C&E Systems includes free access to ElectTrac, our proprietary system that allows you to track prospects and donors in a multitude of ways. You can also print call sheets, mailing labels and track event RSVP’s.

Unlike other services, C&E Systems can provide an online donation page that puts the money in your bank instantly. No more waiting for that weekly disbursement.

Our services also include printing all of your Thank You letters and getting them in the mail so your donors know how much their support is appreciated.


  • "I use C&E Systems for my campaign's compliance for one reason: peace of mind. I know they'll keep my campaign finances in order and compliant with Oregon's stringent standards."
    — Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum